Quiet mornings

It doesn’t happen very often that I wake up with an empty head. No thoughts, nothing pressing on my brain. It feels weird, even though I know it’s good. It means that my dreams were not too busy nor too realistic. It means that I had a good night sleep and wasn’t lying awake for hours. So you see, empty head is good, and I wish it happened more often.

Anyway, today I woke up and enjoyed the warmth of my bed and the quiet around me. For a moment there were no cars passing, no children screaming, no dogs barking. Nothing was happening. It was amazing how the surroundings seemed to adapt to the stillness in my head.

I like quiet mornings, but that’s not something easy to achieve when living in a city. Most mornings, the square we live on is busy. People are getting to work, hustling their children to school, walking their dogs and getting impatient. There’s the occasional truck passing or an angry dog barking.

That’s why I enjoy this rare stillness. I don’t like the noise, the bustling city life. I’m ready to move. To change my surroundings, to wake up and listen to nothingness of sounds.

I’m curious, are you a city person yourself? Or, maybe, just like me, you prefer the quiet, the sounds of nature above all?