My phrase for this year is Standing in the Arena, but I’m thinking that I should probably add Movement to it.

My latest discovery is that I need to be active, mentally and physically, in order for me to be happy. Hanging around and thinking leads to depression and getting afraid of movement, of setting even the tiniest steps.

So I’m working on a new way of goal setting. I want to have a small goal for every week. Something that will bring me closer to my life’s vision and will keep me busy daily. Something that will keep my brain busy, in a good way. Something that will make feel purposeful.

There are so many things I want to achieve in my life that it shouldn’t be a problem. If I just keep my vision in mind, and keep working towards it, I should be fine.

Also, I need exercise, daily. It doesn’t have to be anything excessive, but I need to keep physically moving. So some days it will be proper exercise and others it will be a walk. I need to keep doing it even when I don’t feel like it. And that’s a difficult part for me. I don’t really enjoy exercising, but I’m always (well, almost always) glad I did.

I’m thinking, morning yoga and then something else in the afternoon. When my head is tired and needs a rest, I can get to moving my body. Right? Oh, I really wish it was so easy.

I’ve been observing myself closely for a while now and this is my conclusion: Sitting around, doing nothing much is very bad for me. Goals, working on something specific makes me feel happy. So even if it’s not easy, I’ll be doing it. That’s self-care. That’s working on a good future.

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  1. Love it !! I am similar too. Sitting around aimlessly thinking I need the rest makes think up depressing thoughts …. as you said goals fire me up but I need to be selective in these goals … thanks for the inspiration… would like to stay connected with your progress on this mission

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