The big list of life goals

I saw it for the first time on Edyta Zając’s blog somewhere in 2018. I looked at it and thought “what a bunch of bullshit.” I thought it was impossible to make a list like this. Of curse now I know that I was depressed at the time and setting even a smallest goal seemed completely impossible. The best thing I could do for myself back then was just be, and get through the days.

I came across Edyta’s work and the list idea again a couple of months ago. It looked much better to me, I actually found it very appealing. I felt that I was ready for it and so it happened that I made a list of 100+ life goals.

When I was making my list I started with the big goals, like: write a book, earn enough money with my business, etc. But after a day of writing down the goals my mind opened to all the things I couldn’t see before as well as the dreams I had and never fulfilled. Like learning to play a piano or seeing all God Father movies or learning Afrikaans. You know, all the things I forgot I wanted to do, but thanks to the list I will never forget again.

Who is this Edyta again?

Those who follow me on Instagram heard me talking about her and the idea of a list with 100 (or more) life goals. Edyta Zając is a Polish psychologistic who cares about people and helps them reach their goals and walk the path of personal success. I wish you could read her blog and listen to her podcast, as she makes you feel like everything is possible.

So what’s this magical list?

It’s a way to create a life that fits you. To quiet the noise of the outside world and find things that you really want to do in life. Things that fit you, your dreams and your needs. It’s your guide in life, your place to check-in with yourself and make sure you’re on the right path.

When you’ll make the list you’ll reconnect to your values and they will help you choose things that are good for you. Thanks to the list you’ll stop seeing other people’s goals as your own. You’ll have your own goals, your own things that you want to experience. It will help you set boundaries and lead the life you always wanted.

How to do this

There are so many things you could do in life. There are so many things that you think you should do, just because it seems like everyone else is doing them. That’s why I urge you to take time and connect with your own needs, your own dreams, your own ideas. When you feel the connection, take a pen and a notebook, or a piece of paper, and start writing it all down.

Keep in mind that you make this list for life. There can be things that you want to do, but that seem impossible to reach now. Just remember that your circumstances can change and what seems impossible now can be achievable in the future. So put everything on the list. The big, the small and everything in between.

The list is for life, but it’s not set in stone. It can change and it will change with you. Review it on regular bases (I plan to review mine every three months). Cross out the things you’ve done, the things you don’t want to do any more, and add new ideas to it. Keep it aligned with yourself, your needs and your values. That’s the most important thing about the list: It is YOUR list.

What to put on the list?

Anything. Everything.

Small tasks that you know will be easy to complete, routines that you want to introduce to your life, big dreams, museums you want to visit, travel destinations, films you want to see, books you want to read, boardgame evenings you want to organise for your family or friends. Everything you desire.

Do not restrict yourself. Let go of all expectations, just dream, listen to your needs, find your way of life.

Remember that your list doesn’t have to end at 100 goals. It can be longer, much longer. Go for 1000 goals if you feel that’s what you need. It can be as long as you want it to be.

A small piece of advice.

From Edyta:

Try to finish your list of 100 goals within a week. This way you’ll stay connected to yourself and your needs.

From me:

Make sure you start working on your list feeling well. If you on the low, it will influence your thinking and close the path to your dreams.