Frustration is a gift

Only looking back did I see what pushed me to make the biggest changes. When in 2010 I stopped flying and went to university, when I quit my job in aviation two years later, when in 2015 I started postgraduate in creative writing, when in 2018 I finally did my coaching training, when I went to therapy, all those moments were caused by frustration. Frustration and unhappiness with the current situation.

I don’t like complaining, sitting on my ass and whining about how bad it is. I don’t accept it by in myself or in others. If I don’t like it, I have to do something about it. Take responsibility for my life and look for ways to solve the problem. I always have two options. I can try to improve my situation by changing my attitude or talking to someone who also has an influence on it or change my situation by looking for new opportunities.

I usually go through both options. First, I try to fix it and when it can’t be done (and I admit that it never could till now), I change it. I start looking for new options, because I want to live a good life, align with myself and my values.

Frustration is a gift, it’s a sign that it’s time to look at ourselves and what is happening around us. Frustration leads to change if we listen to it. It allows us to avoid burnout, sends us signals, indicates painful places.

I always listen to it. It is my guide in creating a good life. It allows me not to lose sight of what is important to me. Thanks to it, I move away from situations that block me, that keep me in a place that is not good for me. It is thanks to frustration that I change my life, that I keep feeling better.