There is just one way

I was blocked and I disappeared from my blog. At first I thought that it was just a simple pandemic block, caused by the uncertainty of it all. Now I know it was just a coincidence. I was blocked because I kept looking for the right way to do things. The right way to write, the right way to be on Instagram, the right way to advertise my coaching services. The right way to be me. Why were I looking outside of myself is a mystery to me.

Today I realised that trying to apply someone else’s strategies and abandoning my own intuitive way of doing things, was what blocked me. It took all the pleasure out of working, being on social media, of being present in the world.

Everything I did felt laborious, forced, coming from a place I didn’t recognise. And slowly, but surely, it started to feel uncomfortable and I moved away from it completely.

I can’t adopt strategies of others and make them my own. It feels like being in a play, like pretending to be someone else, someone who’s definitely not me.

There is no right way to do things. Even though there are hundreds of people telling us otherwise. If you try to follow all their advices, you’ll end up doing things that exclude each other.

I knew that, but I still fell in that trap. I fell for the people who seemed to know it all, to know it better. And I kept looking for the right way.

Now it’s time to stop looking and get back in my own skin. Listen to my intuition. Do the things my way. Figure it all out by myself.

Yes, it may take me longer to get where I want to be than it would if I followed the herd. But at least I’ll be able to be myself every step of the way.

There is just one way. My way.