A little morning adventure

We shut ourselves out of the house today or, I should say, I shut us out of the house today. The chickens came into our part of the garden and the guinea fowls went onto the road so we ran outside to get them back to the main garden. I pulled the door close behind me without thinking. And there we were, standing outside in a chilly, after the storm, air.

Our hosts were not home, of course, because you never do this kind of thing when someone can easily save you, right? We knocked on the neighbours door, but they didn’t have the mobile numbers of our hosts. And just when we were walking back a car stopped nearby and I thought that maybe we could ask the guy if he knew the owners.

He did! It turned out he came to walk their dog. I couldn’t believe our luck. He called the owners, got us the spare key and we could get on with our day.

We knew it would happen one day. I mean, when you have a door you can’t open without the key from the outside, you are bound to go into the garden one day and shut the door behind you. It’s just how it works.

I told the chickens and guinea fowls off for being reckless and I hoped they’ve learned their lesson. I know I did.