When the time is slowing down

Yesterday I wrote on my Instagram that we’ve entered the last week of staying in Germany, in our temporary home. I was hoping that I will blink and we’ll be on the other side of this. The time seems to slow down, the days feel like they’re made of syrup. Is it always like that when we can’t wait for something to happen?

Maybe that’s the whole secret of time passing by slower when we are kids. As children we always want something to happen. We wait impatiently for our holidays to start, we want to see our friends, and maybe the most important of all we want to be adult, to be free and do what we want.

Maybe the key to slow the time is to want something. To be waiting for the things we want. To be in this children like state of “I can’t wait to be adult finally.” Maybe that’s the magic spell.

I’m waiting impatiently for Wednesday to come. To be home again.