100 days writing project

I’m on the day 30 of my 100 days writing project. Every day I sit at my desk and write for 15 minutes towards my book. That’s it. It doesn’t have to be anything brilliant, it doesn’t have to be something I’m sure I can use, it just has to be something that brings me closer to the book. I just need to show up for it.

I’ve got this idea from Meghan Genge, she writes about it here, here and here. It’s funny how universe has its ways to get you where you should be. And Meghan’s posts were exactly what I needed to read right now.

I needed a way to get myself to the page, to write that damn book, no matter what. Because you know what? To get this figured out, to find the angle I want to write from, I need to write, I need to dig through all this stuff that’s in my head. There’s no other way.

I’m reading Ann Patchett’s This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage and there, in the second essay, The Getaway Car: A Practical Memoir about Writing and Life she talks about it too. She says:

Think of a sink pipe filled with sticky sediment. The only way to get clean water is to force a small ocean through the tap. Most of us are full up with bad stories, boring stories, self-indulgent stories, searing works of endurable melodrama. We must get all of them out of our system in order to find the good stories that may or may not exist in the freshwater underneath.

The water doesn’t flow until you open the tap. And it’s so true when it comes to writing. To discover how the story needs to be told, you need to start writing it. You almost never write what you thought you would write. The perfect story in your head doesn’t exist on paper. But that’s fine, because the story that you’re writing is the story you were supposed to be telling.

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