Less thinking, more doing

We think too much. I think too much. That’s how it goes: “I need to write/clean the bathroom/do the groceries/exercise/whatever else I have to do. But do I feel like it? Do I have to do this now? How am I supposed to do that? Which workout to choose today? How do I feel about this one?” An it goes on and on. An hour later I really don’t feel like doing anything, apart from lying down on the sofa with a book.

Too much fricking thinking.

I always drag myself back to reality and do the thing that needs to be done, but all that thinking makes it feel like a punishment. I need to go upstairs (two floors up!) to write, aargh. I have to clean the bathroom, aargh. I need to exercise, double aargh.

This morning when the process started I immediately felt tired of it. Why am I doing this to myself? Why am I making it so difficult? So I thought that I need a simple solution here.

When the thinking starts I’m just going to do the thing instead of make it this huge problem it is not. Less thinking more doing.

I have to write? I go upstairs and write. I have to clean the bathroom? I go and clean it. I have to exercise? Just pick the workout and do it.

I don’t have to make it difficult every single time. Thinking about the things I have to do is a waste of time. If I just go and do them I’ll have more time for reading.

And when it comes to bigger stuff, the less I’ll think about doing it, the smaller the chance the fear will creep up my spine and stop me from doing it altogether. And we all know that action cures fear.

Less thinking, more doing.