Routine change needed

Most of times when I think that I lost my ability to write a blog post, that all ideas are somewhere else, that I have nothing to say anymore, it means that I’m consuming too much and creating too little. It is also a sign that it’s time to turn my routine around, that I lost my focus again. What I learned from Marie Forleo and what always worked for me is Creating Before Consuming. And lately I’m beginning my day with an Instagram scroll and it sets the mood for the rest of the day.

The routine change (especially the morning part) is badly needed here and I’m starting immediately, meaning tomorrow. I’m going back to reading and journaling in the morning before opening social media. I need to be with myself first, before I can attend to others.

I keep making this mistake in the times of insecurity, like now, when most of the world is going into lockdown, the U.S. election is occupying our minds, the instability of my own life, the need of income and the lack of possibilities. It all pushes me into consuming. I look for options and ideas elsewhere instead of listening to myself.

It never works, it only makes me feel bad about myself. It always gives me a guilty feeling, it makes me feel less worthy, less skilled, less deserving.

So back to myself, to my own thoughts and ideas, to the world I can create, to the possibilities I can find and to the focus on my own work.

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