Following my path

This morning I sat down at the table and I journaled like I promised myself I would. It was a check-in after a while of almost no journaling and it was good. Much needed and good. I looked at where I am and where I want to be, I checked what’s important to me and what I really want to do. Not what I think I should do, but what I truly want.

I found my answers and then I went for a long hike to let it sink in and see what will happen then. I came home energised and happy. The hike solidified the idea and now I finally feel that the direction I’m moving in is really the one I should be following.

I was going this way for some time now, but I still had some doubts, I wasn’t completely sure if it was the best idea, because it’s not the easiest road to follow. But as I said before, I’m done hiding and I’m not only done hiding from the world, I’m done hiding from myself. The only person that was stopping me, was myself.

And now that I’m sure this is it, I can’t stand in my own way. I need to give myself the chance to work my way through this, to reach for what I want. It’s this part I always have trouble with. Letting myself fulfil my own expectations, to focus on my own needs.

It’s not going to be easy. There will be doubts and tears for sure, but I know I can do this. This is it. This is my future, my path to walk on.