What I’m tired of

You know what I’m tired of because of pandemic? The constant complaining. Like people just found a way to justify it and now it’s a thing to do all the time, everywhere. The social media are full of people complaining that they can’t travel. Really? You can’t travel, you poor thing? Is that killing you?

You know what’s killing people? Covid-19. And not only people who get that, but people with other diseases who can’t be treated, because there are no beds for them in the hospital. That’s something to complain about.

An did you know that your precious travelling is linked to the two highest waves of this pandemic? First after the winter holiday and the second after the summer.

Why is it so difficult to stay put? To keep your ass in your own country for once. To make sure that the hospitals don’t get overwhelmed. To make sure that all the people working there will not stand behind the building crying. That their days are not filled with making choice who’s life to save.

For me, everyone who complains that they can’t travel should spend a day or two at the hospital, working alongside medical staff, experiencing what it is that we are dealing here with. Maybe then they’ll stop thinking that their lives during the pandemic are hard.

People are losing jobs, company’s are closing, some have no income and no way of finding a job at the moment, people are dying way too early, people are losing family, can’t attend the funerals to say goodbye. This is real. This something to find hard. But the travelling? The holidays you miss? That’s not that hard.

Stay home.