Peace and quiet

For two weeks I was swallowed by windows fitting in our house. I couldn’t use my room as it was a mess from day one until yesterday, when day finally finished and I could clean and finally use it again. I’m going to spend my day here, and probably next few weeks. Actually, I may not leave it ever again. Can someone send a kitchen fairy for the meals and tea deliveries?

I’m really bad with having people in house for a longer period. My routine is disturbed and it throws me a little bit too much off course. The first two, days were fine, I worked at the dining table in the living room, but then they moved the work there and I was lost. I couldn’t find place for myself. My room was still waiting to be done, but everything was already prepared for work so I couldn’t use it. And the house was one big mess, everthing out of its usual place.

I discover that it distracts me, not only the presence of others, but also the things not being in the right places. I may be even more introverted than I thought.

But it’s all finally done and I can sit in my room and work. And it’s so blissfully quiet. No blaring radio, no shouting. Just us and the cats.