I don’t wish this year away

Since the beginning of December many people say that they can’t wait for this year to end. They can’t wait for it to be over, to be done with all those weirdness that 2020 brought into their lives. I’m asking myself what their expectations are? Is the 31st of December some magical moment I don’t know about?

As far as I understand the pandemic will not end, because the year ends. It will not end, because we wish for it at midnight. 1st of January will not change anything. And maybe it’s time to accept the situation and roll with it?

The experts say that we should prepare for living in isolation at least till April. They tell us to prepare for the third wave at the beginning of the spring. So why do people think that the change of date will change anything?

I think that it’s time (I actually thought that long time ago, but I understand that some people need more time) to accept that this is our live now, this is out reality. My generation was lucky. We didn’t have to live through a world war, we didn’t have live through any pandemics. Till now. The pandemics were always here, and they’re not going anywhere. We were lucky not to have live through any before.

We are spoiled. We live in a (relatively) save world and I assume that this is the reason why we can’t accept it, why we fight it still. You know, if you look how the waves are coming, it’s always related to big movements of people. The first one was after the winter holidays. The second one after the summer. And we can expect the third after the winter holidays again.

And when I see it, I ask myself over and over again, why is it so hard to stay put? Why do people have to sit in a plane with hundreds of others to get to a small island and spend their days walking the crowded streets? The images form the Greek Islands this summer were scary. How can people be so irresponsible in the middle of this crisis?

Of course this year is hard. Of course for some it’s harder than for others. But by wishing this year away we will not change our situation.

So I keep doing my thing. For me, for my future. I keep working on those goals. I keep adjusting to the world as it is. I don’t plan on everything changing next year and making my life easier. I keep looking for the opportunities in this reality. I don’t expect the pandemic to go away magically.

I’m actually prepared for it to be here for a long time still and I know I need to find a way to live my life the best I can, while being responsible and aware that we live in a society and we need to care for each other. And if it means staying home and not going on holidays for a year or two, that’s what I’ll be doing.

See, the pandemic changed quite a few things in my life. I don’t have a job and it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting any very soon. But I’m trying to find the opportunities to work from home. I’m not giving up just because it’s hard. I adjust to this life, as it is. I keep looking, I keep being the best version of myself I can in this situation.

So I don’t wish this year away. I’m not waiting for it to end. Instead I prepare myself for the new challenges. I make a plan for this reality and I keep going, I keep fighting, I keep doing what I can.