Take the pressure off

After 2020 there’s a lot of pressure put on 2021. It has to be better, it has to make us happier, it has to live up to our expectations. I think that we should take the pressure off. Why not just live and see what this year will bring?

By all means, do your work, try to change things you want to change. Exercise more. Read more. Make plans for the future. Achieve things. But only if you want to. Not because this year has to be better or different than the previous one.

It’s going to be a while still before this year can be different from the last one. Don’t make yourself crazy with all the great things you think should happen. Be kind to yourself, give yourself time and space to breath, to be.

A change of date is not a magic moment. The pandemic is not going anywhere, yet. So adjust your expectations. Be. Live. Enjoy the little moments. Look for good things in all this. Sit on the sofa and have a good cry. Curse the world. Spend your days in front of Netflix. Read a lot. Don’t read at all. Survive. Get the vaccine when your turn comes. Rest. Start running. Do whatever helps you get through this.

Don’t let new year make you feel like you have to be some way, like you have to feel some way. Be yourself. Live your life your way. Follow your path. Do what’s good for you.

Screw expectations! Screw resolutions!

Find what works for you and stick with it.

You don’t have to do anything. You can do everything.

Be who you want to be. Live how you want to live.

The brighter days are coming.

We’re in this together.