My own timeline

I made this plan, I called it plan minimum, as it’s all about a few things I need to do for fifteen minutes, daily. Small steps to bring me closer to my dream life, my life’s vision. But the plan is flawed. It doesn’t incorporate rest days nor three days long migraine attacks. When I was thinking about it I forgot that my body has its own needs too.

I was reminded about it swiftly as I started with my plan minimum last Monday and Thursday I was already suffering from my monthly migraine, which kept me in pain through Saturday. On Sunday I was feeling better, but sitting behind the computer wasn’t the option still. And there we go, three days with no work whatsoever.

So my plan minimum stays in place, but it’s not a daily plan anymore. I’ll be doing it every day I can, but I will also listen to my body and its needs.

I keep reminding myself that I can go at my own pace. Everyone has their own timeline.

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