Difficult choices

I’m looking at my TBR-piles and I can’t choose. I have and idea and then I think, nah, not this one and put the book back on. I know what I would choose from the library, but I have trouble deciding which book to read next from my TBR-pile (you can’t see all books waiting to be read here as some are sitting comfortably on the bookcase).

As the piles are in my study and I look at them daily, I feel a little bit guilty of not reading any of them, but bringing books home from the library. So I’ve bravely decided to read one book from my TBR-pile for every book borrowed from the library. So now I need to read two books from here before I’ll be reserving anything from the library again. I have a list of reserved books there and there’s a waiting list on all of them.

Apart from what you can see on the picture above, there are some Murakami’s books I still haven’t read, three Bill Bryson books and a whole lot of Stephen Fry. Also some books on food and travel.

So what do I choose? What would be your choice?

You can also let me know on my Instagram, under this post.

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