Action May

It always surprises me how writing seems to be something people think you have to be born with a talent for. Like there are only few that can hear the calling of the muse. Well, let me tell you a difficult truth. Talent is overrated. What counts the most is the craft, the practice, doing the work over and over again.

As Chase Jarvis said in his book Creative Calling

Action is identity. You become what you do .

You’ve got to do the verb to be the noun.

You can have all the talent on the world, but if you won’t do anything about it, you’ll never become the person you’re supposed to be. There’s a lot of talent sitting on the sofas, eating crisps and watching Netflix. What counts is the work, doing the verb, consistency, being persistent in your pursuits. That’s what will set you apart. Showing up, putting your head down and doing the work, that’s what will help you to become who you want to be.

That’s why the Action May was born. I decided to stop talking about writing, thinking about it, analysing it and simply do the work. Do the verb so I can become the noun. So for me May is the month of action, of writing so much that my hands cramp and my butt aches from sitting in the damn chair.

Are you with me?

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