A door or maybe a window?

A blank page is also a door.

I’ve read this on the Medium blog last week. I wrote it down in my journal and highlighted it. The idea struck me, but at the same time I was sure about it. Something was bothering me. I kept staring at it, letting it go, and coming back to it again. Finally, I forgot about it for a couple of days and when I opened my journal this morning and saw it again I realised what it was that was bothering me.

A blank page is not a door, it’s a window.

A door gives the idea of something that has to be fully opened before we can see beyond it. So, to write, to be able to fill the blank page, we would need a clear idea of what we want to say.

But the window… Well, the window gives us the opportunity to look through it without opening it at all. We can check the weather, we can see what’s going on the other side of the glass. It gives us a chance to collect the information before venturing outside.

Writing is not only about filling the page with what we know. It’s also, and for some us mainly, the way of figuring out what we think, what we want to say.

The blank page is also a window.

We can look through it to assess our thoughts. We can open it slightly to check how we feel about it. And we can open it completely to let the thoughts fly through it, to share them with the world, to fill the blank page.