Not complaining, but…

A while ago I promised myself not to complain about Instagram anymore. But boy, oh boy, they make it difficult. Sometimes I think that they really don’t like their users, but probably they just don’t care, which is maybe even worse.

Sometimes I just want to hit delete and never come back to it, but I can’t. I like my community there. The people I’ve met, the conversations we have, the support I get. I know I could asked them to come here, but it is different. This is purely my space, there we share it and I can also be w witness to small parts of their lives.

This is what I still like about Instagram. That it’s about sharing small moments of our lives and that I can visit others as well as they can visit me. It’s not always being the host, so to speak, but also a guest. That’s how it used to worked with blogs. It was a community, it still is, but it feels less active, people commenting less.

I love blogs, I still read quite a lot of them and I wish that more people I love to follow on Instagram would have one. But until the big revolution I’ll have to do with being on there too, I guess, accepting or maybe ignoring the platform’s behaviour and concentrating on people and our conversations.

I’m curious what your thought on this are. Please let me know in the comments.