We put frames around our lives, our creative work. We try to fit in somewhere, to give ourselves boundaries of what we can and cannot do. The frames make us feel safe, we believe, or want to believe that they will help us find the right direction, because within them there are less distractions.

Creativity doesn’t like frames. It thrives on consistency, but it likes open spaces. It like to operate where the possibilities are, the freedom of thought. It needs to be able to spread the wings and look everywhere. It needs to push the boundaries, to break out of the known surroundings. That’s why we so often experience fear when starting a creative project. It’s the unknown that scares us.

But if you want to find your direction in life or in your creative project you need be able to consider all the possibilities, explore all ideas, all your dreams and your needs. You need to break the frame, step outside into the open space and look around you. Consider the big white wall in front of you and start filling it with everything you find until something calls to you louder than anything else.

Keep an open mind. Believe that everything is possible. That’s where the magic happens.