Reconnecting with my reading

Last few days were quite bad reading wise. I felt restless and every time I sat down to read, I thought about something to do. I need to do some weeding, or a washing, or something else was there that had to be done right this moment.

Today I realised that it came from having a strict to read plan, with deadlines. Because of the library loans and other things I promised myself or someone else.

And although I liked what I was reading, I felt pressured and couldn’t concentrate enough to read.

There are books that need to be read slowly and I was trying to rush through them and this didn’t feel good, nor fair to the author and the story.

So today I decided to slow down. Read again at my own pace and choose the books I really want to read at the moment. And immediately reading feels better. I sat in my reading chair for a couple of hours today and read a book in one go.

I needed that.

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