When the doubt comes

I’m on day 36 of daily blogging and this is the moment the doubt starts to show its ugly head. I’ve never told anyone that I started a daily blogging challenge with myself. I’ve planned to blog daily for 100 days and see what it will do to my creativity, to my writing.

Now, while I’m about ⅓ of the way I’m doubting this decision. The impatiens seeps in. I start asking myself if it all makes sense. It was bound to happen. I know the pattern, I’ve seen it before. This time I’m determined to stick it out. To push through it. I’m not letting the doubt take over. I can do this. I need to do this.

I need to do this for myself. I need to show myself that I can, that I have it in me. I owe it to myself. I can’t let myself down, again. The only way to do this is to keep going. To push through this, to accept the imperfection, to let go of expectations and just be in the process.

I can do this. I need this.