Just one of those days

I had a bad day today. I struggled to wake up and the morning was sluggish. I like slow mornings, but this was a bit too much.

At the computer I couldn’t find the way to my writing and when I finally did, everything felt wrong. So I did 15 minutes and then decided to stop. To be honest if it wasn’t for #100daysofwriting, I wouldn’t write at all today.

And after that I’ve read somewhere “You’ll be surprised what you can attract when you’ll believe you deserve it.” And it hit me. I’ve never believed I deserve good things in my life. And when they happen to me, I constantly wait for them to burst.

I had a good cry, talked to my husband, we went for a walk and worked in the garden for a while. Now I feel better. Garden work can be so grounding. It helps me to come back to myself.

I had lots of work to do before I’ll believe I deserve good things in my life, but at least now I know where to dig.

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