Day 20 of #100daysofwriting

I’ve written for twenty days. Twenty day of working on my book daily. I still don’t know where it’s going, but I’m not giving up, I keep looking. If it wasn’t for the community around #100daysofwriting I wouldn’t get as far as I am right now. It’s amazing how being gentle with myself around this project works. It’s so much better than pushing myself.

I’ve had bad and good days. I had days when I’ve written half a page and days when I’ve filled five pages. The only thing that is important is that I keep working on it, that I keep writing. I gave up on this project so many times that I thought it would never happen. Now, I can see there’s something there, even though I don’t know exactly what yet.

It will happen though. There’s a story there somewhere. I know there is, because it was calling me for a few years now. I just need to keep digging to find it.

2 thoughts on “Day 20 of #100daysofwriting

  1. Powodzenia! Trudno wytrwać w takich wyzwaniach. Mi się tylko udało dwukrotnie. Ale to były mało kreatywne wyzwania. Zrobiłam 1000 dni na duolingo, ale tam jak zbierze się wystarczająco dużo punktów, to można wymienić je na “ubezpieczenie” i ominąć dzień albo weekend. Drugie to joga – zaczęłam “30 dni” codziennie i tak nadal robię już od dwóch lat… Teraz boję się przestać!

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