I shouldn’t leave writing till the last moment

I do it almost daily lately. I leave writing the blog post for later. I tell myself I’ll write it in the afternoon, later, when I have a better ideas of what I want to say.

And then the evening comes and I still haven’t written. And so I sit on the sofa and write on my phone, like I do just now. I write what’s on my mind, because I’ve long forgotten what it was that I actually wanted to say.

There are two things I need to remember.

One, to write down all the ideas and thoughts. Even if I think they’re stupid or that I’ll never use them.

Two, to write even when I don’t have a very clear idea what I want to say. That’s what writing is for. For finding out what it is that I want to say, what I’m actually thinking.

I really want to get better at this. Putting everything on paper (screen). I shouldn’t leave writing blog posts till the last minute. I shouldn’t be afraid of blank page. There’s always something that I can write about.