Instatiredness and the return of blogging

I have been following the recent changes on Instagram with mixed feelings. Reducing the reach, focusing on video content and people with a large following, has made many of us feel uncertain. The moment Facebook took over Instagram, I knew the changes would come and will keep coming. Changes caused by the desire to take over more and more of the market and earn as much money as possible. I think that we all can say that the user’s satisfaction is not their main priority.

It’s a shame because Instagram has always been my favourite social medium. At the same time I don’t worry much as I noticed a great comeback of blogs. People who haven’t blogged in ages and have put all their content on Instagram have reactivated their blogs, and I’m very happy with that.

I have always liked blogs and I enjoy this big come back. Hopefully more Instagram creators will bring their content to blogs. It seems that more and more people understand that their place on the web is worth more than a profile on social media, which can change overnight or delete our accounts for no apparent reason.

Honestly, for me it’s only the community that still keeps me on Instagram. People I met there and with whom I keep in touch this way. If I were sure that we would find each other in a different place on the Internet, I would leave it without any regret.

More and more often I have the impression that Instagram is not my place in the virtual world. It often makes me tired. I am writing on here more and more, even if the entries are very short. I like the quietness if blogging and reading blogs. There’s no rush, no algorithm telling me when and what to read.

So if you were thinking about it, start a blog.

On a blog, no one will delete your content or your account for no reason. That’s where you can find your freedom.