Making the writing muscles strong

The #100daysofwriting got me thinking about writing a lot lately. About the craft of it, about the discipline.

We can’t write in our heads only. We need to put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard). We need to see the words on page, see if they work.

I look at photographers and see them taking hundreds of pictures to get this one frame they had in mind. I see ballet dancers doing the same exercises every day, making sure they keep getting better at their craft. I see painters and other visual artists making drawings, getting back to their sketch books every day. And I ask myself why we think that writers can work in their heads. That they don’t need to sit at their notebooks (or computers) and just write. Anything, simple things, descriptions of their surroundings, of what they see, or hear. Putting their thoughts down on paper.

We don’t need to get our stories right immediately. We don’t always need to work on the big thing, we can sketch, we can exercise to keep our muscles strong, we can write thousands of sentences before we find the right ones.