Days 44-51 of #100daysofwriting

I needed some distance from my book. It felt wrong somehow and I didn’t know what was wrong with it. So I stopped writing it and decided to come back to it in a couple of days, hoping I’ll figure it out in that time. It took me a week, but I finally know what is wrong with it.

I wasn’t writing it, but it was constantly in the back of my mind. I took my time, I read a lot, I looked at my bookshelves, I journaled and thought about different books I loved. I reread some notes I took while doing Book Proposal Masterclass with Beth Kempton, I was with it while being away from it.

First I thought it was the story, my story as it is a memoir. It turns out it’s not the story itself. I still want to share it, but in a different format. I don’t want it to be a classic memoir, I don’t want to just write down my story, I want it to be something different than that.

I realised that my idea for this book was still in the blob stage as Beth Kempton calls it and I never took the time to develop the blob first, I went straight to writing. After a week of not writing the blob is starting to take shape. I’m so much closer to knowing how it is supposed to look like, how I want to tell this story.

It’s such a relieve as I really want to tell this story. I just need a little bit more time to find out how exactly I want to share it with the world.