I did it! #100daysofblogging

I did it, I made it to 100 days of daily blogging. It was a great experiment and experience, but I never want to do this again. Not because it’s hard, and it often is, but because it doesn’t allow for days off, days for thinking and reading, wandering through nature and not thinking about writing. I’ve missed those days and now I’m going to have some.

I know I could schedule posts for a few days ahead, but this wasn’t the point of this challenge. The point was to sit everyday to it, to do something for my blog daily, to establish a routine in being on here, of writing for the blog.

With Instagram and other social media it’s easy to only write there, to share my thoughts there quickly and be done. I didn’t like that and I didn’t like how it made me neglect my blog, the space I created, the space that may always be here for me, unlike social media.

In those 100 days I’ve learned that I can do this. I can be present here and there. I’ve learned that I can always find something to write about, even when I think that I’m completely empty and that there are no words left in me. I’ve realised how much I like this space and how much I enjoy writing here. Also that I don’t have to write long, profound posts to validate my blogging.

This is my space, my own place in the world wide web. This is the place I share my thoughts, ideas, my little life moments. They’re not always big, but they’re important to me and sharing them makes me happy.

It was only 100 days, but it changed me, it changed how I look at my writing and at myself as a writer.

I won’t be posting daily any more, but I also won’t be disappearing from here for weeks or months on end.

I still can’t believe I did it. 100 days! Daily blogging. I didn’t think I had it in me. It feels good to prove myself wrong.

6 thoughts on “I did it! #100daysofblogging

  1. Congrats! That’s no small feat. But it would be a waste not to maintain your momentum, or at least channel you writing into other projects. Wishing you constant growth in your interests!

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    1. Thank you. I’m channelling. ☺️ And I want to keep blogging lots, just not necessarily everyday. I want to he able to say to myself today I’m doing nothing and not feel bad about not blogging.☺️

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