NaNoWriMo – the way to my vomit draft?

Have you ever done NaNoWriMo? Are you doing it this year? I’m seriously thinking about it for the first time in my writing life. This morning I’ve read Zoe Lea’s blogpost about it and it got me thinking. Is this the way for me to write my vomit draft?

I have a problem with it, the vomit draft I mean, I want to write nice sentences immediately. I want what I write to be readable, to be something I can use. But I also know that this doesn’t work for me when writing a book. I’m struggling with the first draft, because nothing what I write seems good enough to be in there.

So I figured that maybe being on a deadline like the NaNoWriMo will push me over the threshold and I’ll learn to write a shitty first draft, or a child’s draft as Anne Lamott calls it. I need this, I need to get on with this, I need to get it all on the page.