Buy me a coffee (or a book actually)

I broke my e-reader last night. I fell asleep as I was reading and I was woken up by the e-reader hitting the floor. At this time I thought it was fine, but this morning it turned out it wasn’t. I can’t buy a new one at the moment, because not earning any money means no buying any unnecessary gadgets.

I shared this on my Instagram this morning and my writing teacher said ‘Why don’t you start a crowdfunding for a new e-reader?’ Well… It would mean asking for help and this is far out of my comfort zone. But she managed to talk me into it and I decided to start a Buy Me a Coffee website instead doing a straight crowdfunding.

It’s so scary to be doing this, to ask for help, for financial support. My hands are actually shaking. But she was right. It’s time for me to be supportive of myself, to back myself up, to give myself a chance.

So here I am, asking for support, asking you to help me get a new e-reader, to support my work, to support my writing, my help me get to the life of my dreams.

You can buy me a book at my Buy Me a Coffee website.

There will be supporters only content there soon.

Thank you for reading and for your support.

Buy Me A Coffee