Year of reading from home: December update

A month has passed since I’ve started my little reading challenge of reading as much as possible from home. It’s been a good month reading wise and I’m actually even more enthusiastic about this challenge now.

I’ve picked up 13 books and I DNFed 3 of them. Not finishing the books doesn’t bother me as I know that some of them are just not a good fit at this time in my life. I’ve bought them when I was a different person and now they are just not for me any more. Some I’ve bought after a recommendation and it turned out that this wasn’t what I needed. That’s fine. Those books help me understand my reading self even better and to make good choices in the future.

I’ve really enjoyed 84 Charing Cross Road. I was so afraid of this book, but it was a great joy. I didn’t expect it to be that funny.

In the Kitchen made me realise how much I like reading essays and reminded me that life stories are my absolute favourite to read. I like reading novels, but I love memoirs and those essays are miniature memoirs shown through food and cooking.

There are so many good books waiting for me at home. I realise it more and more with every book I pick up from my TBR-piles and e-reader shelves.

How’s your reading going? Are you making those piles smaller?

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