Little Stories of Your Life

I’ve started reading Little Stories of Your Life by Laura Pashby the other day and it reminded me that this is exactly what I always wanted to do and was doing for a long time, here and on my Instagram. Sharing little stories of my life, writing about things that caught my attention, simply capturing the moments, my thoughts, what I was reading or experiencing. There was no worry about the look of my feed, there was no worry if my stories are worthy of sharing, no worry if my pictures are good enough. I wasn’t overthink it.

I was doing what Mary Oliver prescribed all along:

Pay Attention.
Be Astonished.
Tell About It.

I scribbled it down in my notebook last year. I wanted to be reminded that this is what I want to do, what I need to do, that this my way of living.

Laura Pashby brings it up in her book too and that’s how I know that I can trust that whatever she’ll say in there, it will make sense to me. I’ll report back when I’m finished reading it.

For now I keep reading, I keep paying attention, and I’m telling you about it again.

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