Sharing my little stories

In Little Stories of Your Life, Laura Pashby guides us gently through different ways of telling stories, using pictures and/or words. While reading I had a feeling that a friend was quietly telling me what she’s learned and how she does it.

For me this book was a reminder of who I am. And even though I already knew most of the things Laura’s talking about, it was a pleasure to read it.

It’s such a calm read, but it made me rush back to my desk to write as well as wanting to pick up my camera again.

I’m trying to find my way back here, to my blog, where it all started and where I want to be present on a regular basis and not only from time to time. I had such a good streak last year when I was blogging for 100 days straight, but then I’ve lost all the confidence again.

This gentle book reminded me that this is how I’m meant to live this life of mine. By sharing stories, how little they may be.

So here I am again, hoping that I’ll remember this time that this is my place to be and that I’ll keep sharing all the little stories of my life.