Let’s be honest: I don’t create only for myself

There it was again, “Remember that you’re not creating for an audience, you’re creating for yourself.” You should hear me grind my teeth when I’ve read this. That’s such a bullshit. If you’re putting your work out there to be seen, you’re not creating only for yourself. And there’s no shame in this. You should be proud of your work and that’s completely fine to want people to like it and respond to it.

If we were creating for ourselves we would be doing it in our notebooks or sketchbooks and not putting it on our blogs, Instagram or YouTube for everyone to see. There’s also nothing wrong with creating for an audience. There’s nothing wrong in being disappointed in the low engagement on our blogs, YouTube channels and Instagram accounts. We are making things, we are putting ourselves out there, we want to be seen.

The advice should be, “Remember that you’re not creating for everyone and that your audience is not your co-creator.” Not everyone has to like your work. Just like you don’t like everything you see or read. And you don’t have to adjust your work to those who don’t like it to make them appreciate it. It’s not up to you to make people like your work, it’s up to them to find the work they like.

You’re not a tomato soup, not everyone has to like you. So please, be yourself and find your tribe, your community. Talk to them. Have fun. Keep creating. Keep going. Keep sharing. Play your own game.