Telling the whole story

There are so many people who claim to educate, on Instagram, blogs, or any other place on the internet. And still something is missing most of the time.

I don’t want to hear the psychological slogans someone’s read in a self-help book. I don’t want you to tell me how to live my life. I want you to show me how you live yours.

Telling me how to live and throwing some catchwords at me is not educating. It’s simply trying to find an easy fix.

You want to educate? Please do, but do it by showing me not only the highlights, but also the lowlights. Tell me how you’ve dealt with a setback. Don’t tell me ‘This year was hard’, tell me what happened and how you’ve dealt with it. Tell me what happened before you’ve got to where you are. Show me your path, with all its turns. Tell me the whole story.

I’ve learned more about life and about myself through reading memoirs that I would ever learn from the self-help books. Good memoirs teach us through showing us all facets of life. They teach us by being raw and honest, by not hiding the ugly stuff.

Want to educate? Show me the ugly stuff and I’ll definitely find a lesson for myself there.

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