Year of reading from home: January and February

It’s not going great. I’ve had a great start in December, but in January and February I’ve only picked-up 10 books from my own TBR-piles and I’m still reading three of them. (You can see all that I’m currently reading here.) And I’ve read 19 books this year already! Two of them were for work, so they don’t count, but still, seven books that were not waiting for me already. I need to do better.

I had some trouble reading in February. I had an heightened anxiety period and couldn’t focus well on books. Which is actually strange as reading is normally my remedy. Luckily I feel like I want to disappear into books again and I feel the reading hunger again.

This morning I was looking at my book piles and decided to challenge myself within this challenge and see how many of those books I can read till the end of June. It would be good not to use library at all in this time, but I’m not sure I can manage that. I need to think about some award at the end of this. Maybe buying the all three books in Living Autobiography by Deborah Levy? I’ve wanted to read it for some time now, so it would be a good award for sure.

I’m not setting any goal in numbers. I just want to make the piles significantly smaller. Let’s see how these piles will look like in four months time.

How’s your reading going?

2 thoughts on “Year of reading from home: January and February

  1. Niezły stosik.

    Ja mam kilka zebranych Pratchettów do przeczytania i też jakoś w końcu stycznia i lutym nie było mi po drodze z czytaniem. Gdy dużo działo się w pracy, zwykle wieczorem raczej zasypiam nad książką :(. Kiedyś miałam taktykę czytania z rana, ale zaczęłam słuchać w tym czasie radia. A nie potrafię skupić się nad książką, jeżeli coś gra w tle…


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    1. Mi też się zdarza zasnąć nad książką. Staram się czytać rano, przy śniadaniu, ale też nie zawsze mi wychodzi. Teraz też próbuję nie dać się Netflixowi i czytać wieczorem na kanapie. Różnie mi to wychodzi, ale grunt, że powowli wyczytuę czekające pozycje.


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