Training my patience

I cycled twenty kilometres today, just to pick up Too Good To Go magic box. And it was quite an easy ride, even though I had wind in my face on the way there. Half a year ago I would come home and complain how hard it was and how tired I was. But today I came home smiling and just wanting coffee.

Last winter I’ve spend a lot of time on my stationary bike. Almost everyday I was pedalling for 45-60 minutes while watching some series or a movie. I didn’t see any real effect of this until the weather changed and I could finally get the groceries on the bike again. The ten kilometres round trip to the supermarket suddenly wasn’t that hard. Even my husband noticed that I’m going faster.

And so I was thinking why I haven’t get this far earlier. And I think that it’s the lack of patience. When I start doing something I want to see results fast, and I mean really fast. If I wouldn’t see any results after a month, I’d decide that it didn’t make sense, that it wasn’t working.

Boy, oh boy, was I wrong. It’s not only cycling that I improved this winter. It’s my writing too. I’ve been writing daily for a few months now and even I can see the change. I don’t have to push myself to sit down and write, I just do. It doesn’t mean that it’s easy (I think that writing will always be hard), but it’s not something I find hard to get to anymore.

It takes time to see results of our work or training. Sometimes it even takes longer than expected. Now I just have train myself in being patient, in giving everything more time.

The picture above was taken on the day I moved to the Netherlands in 2005. The bike was my welcome to the Netherlands and birthday present, as I moved on my 27th birthday.