My interpretation of girl power

Female strength, or girl power, is a topic that evokes a lot of thoughts and emotions in me. Maybe it’s because I’m still having a hard time with it, because while some of these things are simple and obvious to me, others are still quite difficult.

For me, female strength means coming out of the shadows, it is the courage to stand in the full light, to be visible. It is the strength that resides in all of us, but not all of us have discovered it yet. It also means fighting for yourself, for your mental and physical well-being, for everything that is important to me. It is healthy selfishness, but also openness to a different world views.

But girl power also means female solidarity, it’s about supporting others, regardless of whether I agree with their life’s philosophy. It’s not being mean just because I think differently. It’s understanding that jealousy is a signal to me, not a reason to crush another woman.

Coming out of the shadows, taking care of my well-being, putting myself first – I’m still learning all of this. I am closer to them, but still not so much that I accept them calmly.

Discovering your strength, allowing yourself to be yourself without limits, liking yourself is a process. I still have to remind myself that I have a right to do so, that I can do it, that I will not be punished for it.

I’ve met women on my path who support me, who remind me that there also is a place for me in this world. Women who know, understand, but also kick my butt when I need it.

We are the female strength. All together and each of us separately. Let us support each other, let us encourage and inspire each other.

This is what girl power means to me.