My name is Anna Maria Boland, I’m a coach, a writer, a transaltor.

Nazywam się Anna Maria Boland, jestem coachem, pisarką i tłumaczką.

Mijn naam is Anna Maria Boland, ik ben een coach, een schrijver en een vertaler.


  • NaNoWriMo – the way to my vomit draft?
    Have you ever done NaNoWriMo? Are you doing it this year? I’m seriously thinking about it for the first time in my writing life. This morning I’ve read Zoe Lea’s blogpost about it and it got me thinking. Is this…
  • Finishing things
    It’s often hard to keep going, to bring a project to the end. Especially when you keep some stories inside you, things you’ve heard in your childhood or teenage years. Mine is ‘she’s talented, but lazy’, meaning that I’ll never…
  • Getting back to writing
    Not writing, not blogging, not being who I want to be, again. I wish I could say that life gets in the way, but it’s not that. I think that the only thing that gets in the way is myself.…