My name is Anna Maria Boland, I’m a coach, a writer, a transaltor.

Nazywam się Anna Maria Boland, jestem coachem, pisarką i tłumaczką.

Mijn naam is Anna Maria Boland, ik ben een coach, een schrijver en een vertaler.


  • I Am an Island by Tamsin Calidas
    This book was very hard to read. It made me sad and angry, it broke my heart so many times it’s impossible to count, and I still loved it. It’s difficult to write about this book. It should be covered…
  • Not giving up
    Life was kicking me lately and my first reaction was to curl up, make myself small and let it kick me. I even considered giving up on my dreams, on all the things I want for myself. But this morning…
  • Waking up
    I had weird and very realistic dreams last night. This morning I threw on my bathrobe and went barefoot outside to feel the ground, the wet grass the chill of the morning on my feet. I needed this to wake…