This is normal

If I hear/read one more time "I can't wait to get back to normal" I may scream. This is our normal, it's a new normal, but this is it. Accept it. Stop fighting it, learn to live with it and in the middle of it. This pandemic isn't going anywhere soon, and when it's gone, … Continue reading This is normal

Life vision

You hear me talk (see me write) about my life vision quite often. How I connect to it in the times of doubt, how I check with it when thinking about new project, when I connect to it in the times I don't know anymore why I'm doing what I'm doing. But what is this … Continue reading Life vision

Disconnect and do your work

I wonder what it would be like if we stopped thinking about what other people are doing and what has already been done? Nowadays, when we have an idea, we almost automatically browse the Internet to look for it. We check social media, we google it, we start to feel discouraged, because everything has already … Continue reading Disconnect and do your work

There are no short cuts

I hear myself say "I want to read more," or "I need to write more," or "I want to spend less time on social media." I'm not alone, I hear a version on those every day all around me. Every one has something that they would like to do more, or less. Something they would … Continue reading There are no short cuts

How much do you want it?

If you say you want to read more and then you binge watch series for hours, what are you actually saying? When you say you want to write and then never set a pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard), what are you actually saying? For me you’re saying that you don’t really want … Continue reading How much do you want it?

Your past doesn't define you

In October last year, standing in the midst of autumn leaves, I thought that nature understands that in order to begin again, to grow, one must get rid of the burden of the past. If we want to move on, we must leave the past behind us. We can't get rid of it or forget … Continue reading Your past doesn't define you

The big list of life goals

I saw it for the first time on Edyta Zając's blog somewhere in 2018. I looked at it and thought "what a bunch of bullshit." I thought it was impossible to make a list like this. Of curse now I know that I was depressed at the time and setting even a smallest goal seemed … Continue reading The big list of life goals