#100daysofwriting with Jenn Ashworth

It starts tomorrow and I’ve decided to join in. Working on my book everyday for the next hundred days. I already know it’s not going to be easy, but I like the idea that I’m not alone and that there are other people doing this too at the same time. As Jenn says, The aim … Continue reading #100daysofwriting with Jenn Ashworth


We put frames around our lives, our creative work. We try to fit in somewhere, to give ourselves boundaries of what we can and cannot do. The frames make us feel safe, we believe, or want to believe that they will help us find the right direction, because within them there are less distractions. Creativity … Continue reading Frames

Garden stories

I never thought of myself as a garden person. I was actually an complete opposite of one. I always thought that gardens meant lots of work, but not that much pleasure. I grew up in a big city, living in an apartment with a balcony and I always thought that it was enough. A balcony … Continue reading Garden stories

Not complaining, but…

A while ago I promised myself not to complain about Instagram anymore. But boy, oh boy, they make it difficult. Sometimes I think that they really don't like their users, but probably they just don't care, which is maybe even worse. Sometimes I just want to hit delete and never come back to it, but … Continue reading Not complaining, but…

Do you need a plan?

I may scream if I hear one more time that you need a good plan to write a good book. Part of it that I'm sick of people telling other people that their way is the only right way to do things, part is that it is in my nature to do things my way. … Continue reading Do you need a plan?

The most important thing

I was journaling the other day when I realised that what I need to keep depression at bay is not exercise, although it's good for my mental and physical state, but pursuing my dreams. Doing what I said I would do, setting the steps in the direction of my life's vision. Being the person I … Continue reading The most important thing

A door or maybe a window?

A blank page is also a door. I've read this on the Medium blog last week. I wrote it down in my journal and highlighted it. The idea struck me, but at the same time I was sure about it. Something was bothering me. I kept staring at it, letting it go, and coming back … Continue reading A door or maybe a window?

Writing more

I don't know why writing on the blog is so difficult for me. I don't have a problem with sharing my thoughts on Instagram, but when it comes to blogging I blank out. I don't have anything to say. And when I do, I don't think it's important or big enough for the blog. But … Continue reading Writing more

Action May

It always surprises me how writing seems to be something people think you have to be born with a talent for. Like there are only few that can hear the calling of the muse. Well, let me tell you a difficult truth. Talent is overrated. What counts the most is the craft, the practice, doing … Continue reading Action May

Spring in the making

Every morning I open the curtains of my living room window and check the progress of my magnolia in front of it. I go to look at the pear tree in the back garden, I look for the new growth in the front one. I look for the signs of spring, I'm consciously observing the … Continue reading Spring in the making