A life that is more mine

It's been only two weeks, but it feels longer and shorter at the same time. Two weeks since I deleted Instagram app from my phone. Not because I'm quitting social media, I'm still on Twitter daily, but because I felt that Instagram was making me a little bit unhappy. I can't tell you why, I … Continue reading A life that is more mine

My interpretation of girl power

Female strength, or girl power, is a topic that evokes a lot of thoughts and emotions in me. Maybe it's because I'm still having a hard time with it, because while some of these things are simple and obvious to me, others are still quite difficult. For me, female strength means coming out of the … Continue reading My interpretation of girl power

The process

When reading a book, or looking at a painting, or listening to music, we forget that it is a process. We only see the finished product, the results of a lot of changes, rewrites, hours spent staring at it and not knowing what now, parts of it thrown away and then put back in again. … Continue reading The process

Quiet life

In the silence something shifted. I had left a certain kind of anxiety behind, back in the city. The urban life I had loved for so long - the constant motion, the sense that there was always something exiting happening somewhere - that life had turned on me.– Dani Shapiro I can't stop thinking about … Continue reading Quiet life

Training my patience

I cycled twenty kilometres today, just to pick up Too Good To Go magic box. And it was quite an easy ride, even though I had wind in my face on the way there. Half a year ago I would come home and complain how hard it was and how tired I was. But today … Continue reading Training my patience


Een paar dagen geleden heb ik mezelf beloofd, of beter gezegd heb ik mezelf uitgedacht, om elke dag te bloggen en elke dag te bewegen voor honderd dagen. Vandaag zit ik op dag vijf en hoewel bewegen redelijk goed gaat, bloggen niet zo zeer. Ik zit al twee uur te denken over wat ik zou … Continue reading Lentekriebels

Feeling alive

I haven't felt like that for a long time. Alive, content, calm, not wishing to be someone else or somewhere else, even though I'm still not having everything I need. It took me a while to get to this place. First, I left the job that was bad for me. It broke my heart, because … Continue reading Feeling alive

Is algorithm killing our creativity?

People often say that Instagram is such a creative medium, but I have some doubts about it. I mean, can we say that about some medium only because many creatives are using it to showcase their work? It may be a good medium for creatives, but I wouldn't call it creative. For me Instagram is … Continue reading Is algorithm killing our creativity?

Telling the whole story

There are so many people who claim to educate, on Instagram, blogs, or any other place on the internet. And still something is missing most of the time.I don’t want to hear the psychological slogans someone’s read in a self-help book. I don’t want you to tell me how to live my life. I want … Continue reading Telling the whole story

Let’s be honest: I don’t create only for myself

There it was again, "Remember that you're not creating for an audience, you're creating for yourself." You should hear me grind my teeth when I've read this. That's such a bullshit. If you're putting your work out there to be seen, you're not creating only for yourself. And there's no shame in this. You should … Continue reading Let’s be honest: I don’t create only for myself