Waking up

I had weird and very realistic dreams last night. This morning I threw on my bathrobe and went barefoot outside to feel the ground, the wet grass the chill of the morning on my feet. I needed this to wake up fully, to transport myself to the reality, to make sure that it was all … Continue reading Waking up

Slow mornings

I like my slow mornings, but I think I've become a little bit too good at them. I need to speed them up a little bit. It takes me too long to get to my desk and the longer it takes the more difficult it becomes. I have work to do. I need to work. … Continue reading Slow mornings

Mornings with Jack

Every morning one of my cats, Jack, will ask my attention at the table. He'll circle my chair, complaining loudly, until I pull the chair next to me from under the table. He’ll jump on it and request my attention. So I drink my tea with him at least until he settles to sleep. A … Continue reading Mornings with Jack


My phrase for this year is Standing in the Arena, but I'm thinking that I should probably add Movement to it. My latest discovery is that I need to be active, mentally and physically, in order for me to be happy. Hanging around and thinking leads to depression and getting afraid of movement, of setting … Continue reading Movement

Quiet mornings

It doesn’t happen very often that I wake up with an empty head. No thoughts, nothing pressing on my brain. It feels weird, even though I know it’s good. It means that my dreams were not too busy nor too realistic. It means that I had a good night sleep and wasn't lying awake for … Continue reading Quiet mornings