Day 20 of #100daysofwriting

I've written for twenty days. Twenty day of working on my book daily. I still don't know where it's going, but I'm not giving up, I keep looking. If it wasn't for the community around #100daysofwriting I wouldn't get as far as I am right now. It's amazing how being gentle with myself around this … Continue reading Day 20 of #100daysofwriting

When I’m myself

What does it mean to be you, truly you? Who are you when nobody is watching? When do you feel the most you? Who are you when you feel free of all the expectations? For me it’s telling stories. I remember telling stories to my fellow kindergarteners, making it up as I went. It always … Continue reading When I’m myself

Sometimes I’m tired of knocking on doors

Sometimes I feel tired. Tired of fighting, of trying to convince people that I know what I'm doing, that I know what I want. Those are the moments when I wish that everything was easy, that work proposal fell into my lap, that someone would e-mail me and say 'Hey, would you please write/translate/edit this … Continue reading Sometimes I’m tired of knocking on doors

Just one of those days

I had a bad day today. I struggled to wake up and the morning was sluggish. I like slow mornings, but this was a bit too much. At the computer I couldn’t find the way to my writing and when I finally did, everything felt wrong. So I did 15 minutes and then decided to … Continue reading Just one of those days

When the doubt comes

I'm on day 36 of daily blogging and this is the moment the doubt starts to show its ugly head. I've never told anyone that I started a daily blogging challenge with myself. I've planned to blog daily for 100 days and see what it will do to my creativity, to my writing. Now, while … Continue reading When the doubt comes

Day 7 of #100daysofwriting

A week of writing daily, working on the project I'm still not sure about. I'm still looking for the story I want to tell, for the most important line in it, I can hold on to. Sometimes I think there's nothing there, that my story is not interesting enough to be told. On other days … Continue reading Day 7 of #100daysofwriting

Reconnecting with my reading

Last few days were quite bad reading wise. I felt restless and every time I sat down to read, I thought about something to do. I need to do some weeding, or a washing, or something else was there that had to be done right this moment. Today I realised that it came from having … Continue reading Reconnecting with my reading

Birthday writing, or day 4 of #100daysofwriting

Today is my birthday and writing today felt actually extra good. It was like I was giving myself a present by doing the work, writing, looking for the story. Taking a break is easy, one day wouldn't hurt probably, but I also know how easily one day turns into two, then three and before you … Continue reading Birthday writing, or day 4 of #100daysofwriting

#100daysofwriting with Jenn Ashworth

It starts tomorrow and I’ve decided to join in. Working on my book everyday for the next hundred days. I already know it’s not going to be easy, but I like the idea that I’m not alone and that there are other people doing this too at the same time. As Jenn says, The aim … Continue reading #100daysofwriting with Jenn Ashworth

New books, again

I went to a book sale in our village. I was hoping to find a few books there. Maybe five, maybe less. I came back home with fourteen books and one CD. No regrets though. And it was for a good cause. I’m most happy with the English pockets. I was look for them at … Continue reading New books, again