Is algorithm killing our creativity?

People often say that Instagram is such a creative medium, but I have some doubts about it. I mean, can we say that about some medium only because many creatives are using it to showcase their work? It may be a good medium for creatives, but I wouldn't call it creative. For me Instagram is … Continue reading Is algorithm killing our creativity?

Year of reading from home: January and February

It's not going great. I've had a great start in December, but in January and February I've only picked-up 10 books from my own TBR-piles and I'm still reading three of them. (You can see all that I'm currently reading here.) And I've read 19 books this year already! Two of them were for work, … Continue reading Year of reading from home: January and February

Telling the whole story

There are so many people who claim to educate, on Instagram, blogs, or any other place on the internet. And still something is missing most of the time.I don’t want to hear the psychological slogans someone’s read in a self-help book. I don’t want you to tell me how to live my life. I want … Continue reading Telling the whole story

Let’s be honest: I don’t create only for myself

There it was again, "Remember that you're not creating for an audience, you're creating for yourself." You should hear me grind my teeth when I've read this. That's such a bullshit. If you're putting your work out there to be seen, you're not creating only for yourself. And there's no shame in this. You should … Continue reading Let’s be honest: I don’t create only for myself

Sharing my little stories

In Little Stories of Your Life, Laura Pashby guides us gently through different ways of telling stories, using pictures and/or words. While reading I had a feeling that a friend was quietly telling me what she’s learned and how she does it.For me this book was a reminder of who I am. And even though … Continue reading Sharing my little stories

Little Stories of Your Life

I’ve started reading Little Stories of Your Life by Laura Pashby the other day and it reminded me that this is exactly what I always wanted to do and was doing for a long time, here and on my Instagram. Sharing little stories of my life, writing about things that caught my attention, simply capturing … Continue reading Little Stories of Your Life

Year of reading from home: December update

A month has passed since I've started my little reading challenge of reading as much as possible from home. It's been a good month reading wise and I'm actually even more enthusiastic about this challenge now. I've picked up 13 books and I DNFed 3 of them. Not finishing the books doesn't bother me as … Continue reading Year of reading from home: December update

Your year can begin at any time

For most of us this month marks the end of the year, the slowing down, giving up on the things we didn't achieve. I know it was like this for me for years, but this year is different. This year I’ve decided that December is the beginning of my year. A year when I work … Continue reading Your year can begin at any time

Let the reading begin!

Here we are, 1st of December, on the first day of my year of reading from home challenge. I'm actually positively excited about it. The chance to read the books I wanted to read for a while now, finally getting to them and making the piles smaller each month. To make sure I don't get … Continue reading Let the reading begin!

A year of reading from home

I have 142 unread books at home and a feeling that those piles are not getting any smaller. I guess I'm right as last time I checked I had 121 unread books at home. I wasn't buying that much this year and I've read some from the piles, so how did this happen? I blame … Continue reading A year of reading from home