Disconnect and do your work

I wonder what it would be like if we stopped thinking about what other people are doing and what has already been done? Nowadays, when we have an idea, we almost automatically browse the Internet to look for it. We check social media, we google it, we start to feel discouraged, because everything has already … Continue reading Disconnect and do your work

100 days writing project

I'm on the day 30 of my 100 days writing project. Every day I sit at my desk and write for 15 minutes towards my book. That's it. It doesn't have to be anything brilliant, it doesn't have to be something I'm sure I can use, it just has to be something that brings me … Continue reading 100 days writing project

There are no short cuts

I hear myself say "I want to read more," or "I need to write more," or "I want to spend less time on social media." I'm not alone, I hear a version on those every day all around me. Every one has something that they would like to do more, or less. Something they would … Continue reading There are no short cuts

A little update

I know I probably say it every year, but how is it September already? When did this crazy year got so far? In March it seemed it will never end and here we are. I never thought so much would happen this year. We sold our house, we bought a new one just as Covid-19 … Continue reading A little update

How much do you want it?

If you say you want to read more and then you binge watch series for hours, what are you actually saying? When you say you want to write and then never set a pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard), what are you actually saying? For me you’re saying that you don’t really want … Continue reading How much do you want it?

When the time is slowing down

Yesterday I wrote on my Instagram that we’ve entered the last week of staying in Germany, in our temporary home. I was hoping that I will blink and we’ll be on the other side of this. The time seems to slow down, the days feel like they’re made of syrup. Is it always like that … Continue reading When the time is slowing down

Thoughts on acceptance

In her last newsletter Helen Redfern shared this article about Instagram and as I’m struggling lately with the little app, it resulted in some thoughts. Because the mean people and feeling inadequate is one side of the story for me, but the other is something I was never good at - belonging to a group. … Continue reading Thoughts on acceptance

A little morning adventure

We shut ourselves out of the house today or, I should say, I shut us out of the house today. The chickens came into our part of the garden and the guinea fowls went onto the road so we ran outside to get them back to the main garden. I pulled the door close behind … Continue reading A little morning adventure

There is just one way

I was blocked and I disappeared from my blog. At first I thought that it was just a simple pandemic block, caused by the uncertainty of it all. Now I know it was just a coincidence. I was blocked because I kept looking for the right way to do things. The right way to write, … Continue reading There is just one way

Your past doesn't define you

In October last year, standing in the midst of autumn leaves, I thought that nature understands that in order to begin again, to grow, one must get rid of the burden of the past. If we want to move on, we must leave the past behind us. We can't get rid of it or forget … Continue reading Your past doesn't define you