Writing tips by Colum McCann

I like reading writing advice and writing memoirs by other writers. It always gives me a view of their working life, of the way they see the world. It's so interesting that they all actually say the same thing, just a little bit differently. Like what Colum McCann said in the Guardian Review on 13th … Continue reading Writing tips by Colum McCann

Messy thoughts

There are days that I can't put my thoughts into words. Partly because I'm tired from a night full of wild dreams, partly because my thoughts are messy and all over the place. My thoughts are so fragmented at the moment that I'm not sure that it will make any sense to you, and there's … Continue reading Messy thoughts

What I’m tired of

You know what I'm tired of because of pandemic? The constant complaining. Like people just found a way to justify it and now it's a thing to do all the time, everywhere. The social media are full of people complaining that they can't travel. Really? You can't travel, you poor thing? Is that killing you? … Continue reading What I’m tired of

Don’t make me go out

I didn't know how far on the introvert spectrum I was until I moved to the Netherlands. When I was still living in Poland I was surrounded by people. Friends, parties, going out to a pub or club was my daily life. I dreaded going to parties, but I still went. I very often wanted … Continue reading Don’t make me go out

Do the work

Just a few days ago I said that I needed to change my routine, but it proved difficult with the U.S. election excitement. Now that the results are clear, We can all breath out and hope for the better future. And I'm going back to the change I need, to less scrolling, less consuming and … Continue reading Do the work

Following my path

This morning I sat down at the table and I journaled like I promised myself I would. It was a check-in after a while of almost no journaling and it was good. Much needed and good. I looked at where I am and where I want to be, I checked what's important to me and … Continue reading Following my path

Routine change needed

Most of times when I think that I lost my ability to write a blog post, that all ideas are somewhere else, that I have nothing to say anymore, it means that I'm consuming too much and creating too little. It is also a sign that it's time to turn my routine around, that I … Continue reading Routine change needed

To buy or not to buy?

At the beginning of this year I promised myself not to buy any new books for the whole year. Just read from my shelves, from my e-book subscription and from the library. It went well, I only bought a couple of e-books I needed for some research, but I have a feeling that my to-read … Continue reading To buy or not to buy?

Writing projects

As many of you embark on the NaNoWriMo adventure, I'm on day 60 of my own writing project. And this month marks the end of notes taking and starting writing the first draft. I'm not giving myself a 50k words challenge in a month, but I'm definitely curious how far I'll come. I have 40 … Continue reading Writing projects

How I deal with no-days

Today I woke up late and from the start I felt like I lost a couple of hours of the day. Normally I would try to shake of this feeling by telling myself that I still had enough hours to do everything that I needed to do and just get on with it, without thinking … Continue reading How I deal with no-days