I did it! #100daysofblogging

I did it, I made it to 100 days of daily blogging. It was a great experiment and experience, but I never want to do this again. Not because it's hard, and it often is, but because it doesn't allow for days off, days for thinking and reading, wandering through nature and not thinking about … Continue reading I did it! #100daysofblogging

Instatiredness and the return of blogging

I have been following the recent changes on Instagram with mixed feelings. Reducing the reach, focusing on video content and people with a large following, has made many of us feel uncertain. The moment Facebook took over Instagram, I knew the changes would come and will keep coming. Changes caused by the desire to take … Continue reading Instatiredness and the return of blogging

When the doubt comes

I'm on day 36 of daily blogging and this is the moment the doubt starts to show its ugly head. I've never told anyone that I started a daily blogging challenge with myself. I've planned to blog daily for 100 days and see what it will do to my creativity, to my writing. Now, while … Continue reading When the doubt comes