Is algorithm killing our creativity?

People often say that Instagram is such a creative medium, but I have some doubts about it. I mean, can we say that about some medium only because many creatives are using it to showcase their work? It may be a good medium for creatives, but I wouldn't call it creative. For me Instagram is … Continue reading Is algorithm killing our creativity?

Sharing my little stories

In Little Stories of Your Life, Laura Pashby guides us gently through different ways of telling stories, using pictures and/or words. While reading I had a feeling that a friend was quietly telling me what she’s learned and how she does it.For me this book was a reminder of who I am. And even though … Continue reading Sharing my little stories

Unexpected break

I finished my 100 days of daily blogging and decided to take a small break, like a day or maybe two. It was a nice change not to be thinking what to blog about. It didn't work out as I thought it would. First of all I was still thinking about blogging. My mind is … Continue reading Unexpected break

I did it! #100daysofblogging

I did it, I made it to 100 days of daily blogging. It was a great experiment and experience, but I never want to do this again. Not because it's hard, and it often is, but because it doesn't allow for days off, days for thinking and reading, wandering through nature and not thinking about … Continue reading I did it! #100daysofblogging

Instatiredness and the return of blogging

I have been following the recent changes on Instagram with mixed feelings. Reducing the reach, focusing on video content and people with a large following, has made many of us feel uncertain. The moment Facebook took over Instagram, I knew the changes would come and will keep coming. Changes caused by the desire to take … Continue reading Instatiredness and the return of blogging

I shouldn’t leave writing till the last moment

I do it almost daily lately. I leave writing the blog post for later. I tell myself I’ll write it in the afternoon, later, when I have a better ideas of what I want to say. And then the evening comes and I still haven’t written. And so I sit on the sofa and write … Continue reading I shouldn’t leave writing till the last moment

Writing more

I don't know why writing on the blog is so difficult for me. I don't have a problem with sharing my thoughts on Instagram, but when it comes to blogging I blank out. I don't have anything to say. And when I do, I don't think it's important or big enough for the blog. But … Continue reading Writing more