Sometimes I’m tired of knocking on doors

Sometimes I feel tired. Tired of fighting, of trying to convince people that I know what I'm doing, that I know what I want. Those are the moments when I wish that everything was easy, that work proposal fell into my lap, that someone would e-mail me and say 'Hey, would you please write/translate/edit this … Continue reading Sometimes I’m tired of knocking on doors

The most important thing

I was journaling the other day when I realised that what I need to keep depression at bay is not exercise, although it's good for my mental and physical state, but pursuing my dreams. Doing what I said I would do, setting the steps in the direction of my life's vision. Being the person I … Continue reading The most important thing

I don’t wish this year away

Since the beginning of December many people say that they can't wait for this year to end. They can't wait for it to be over, to be done with all those weirdness that 2020 brought into their lives. I'm asking myself what their expectations are? Is the 31st of December some magical moment I don't … Continue reading I don’t wish this year away

Disconnect and do your work

I wonder what it would be like if we stopped thinking about what other people are doing and what has already been done? Nowadays, when we have an idea, we almost automatically browse the Internet to look for it. We check social media, we google it, we start to feel discouraged, because everything has already … Continue reading Disconnect and do your work