A life that is more mine

It's been only two weeks, but it feels longer and shorter at the same time. Two weeks since I deleted Instagram app from my phone. Not because I'm quitting social media, I'm still on Twitter daily, but because I felt that Instagram was making me a little bit unhappy. I can't tell you why, I … Continue reading A life that is more mine

Feeling alive

I haven't felt like that for a long time. Alive, content, calm, not wishing to be someone else or somewhere else, even though I'm still not having everything I need. It took me a while to get to this place. First, I left the job that was bad for me. It broke my heart, because … Continue reading Feeling alive

Sharing my little stories

In Little Stories of Your Life, Laura Pashby guides us gently through different ways of telling stories, using pictures and/or words. While reading I had a feeling that a friend was quietly telling me what she’s learned and how she does it.For me this book was a reminder of who I am. And even though … Continue reading Sharing my little stories

Little Stories of Your Life

I’ve started reading Little Stories of Your Life by Laura Pashby the other day and it reminded me that this is exactly what I always wanted to do and was doing for a long time, here and on my Instagram. Sharing little stories of my life, writing about things that caught my attention, simply capturing … Continue reading Little Stories of Your Life