Year of reading from home: March update

It wasn't a great reading month. I've read seven books (5 from my TBR-piles), which of course is quite something, but I've started many more and kept beginning in new books throughout the month. I lacked focus maybe? I don't really know what it was that I wasn't reading that much. It's not even about … Continue reading Year of reading from home: March update

Old books

I like old books, very much. Not only for their weird musty vanilla smell (especially these old Penguin pockets and I always buy them when I see them. I wish I had them all.), but also because I can step into the world from years and years ago.This book was first published in September 1930 … Continue reading Old books

Not reading enough

I still don't read enough. Not enough for me, not enough to be happy about my reading. I'm often distracted, be it by the news, or by scrolling social media feeds or by I don't even know what. It's bothering me, because reading is like breathing to me and it's already a second month of … Continue reading Not reading enough

Year of reading from home: January and February

It's not going great. I've had a great start in December, but in January and February I've only picked-up 10 books from my own TBR-piles and I'm still reading three of them. (You can see all that I'm currently reading here.) And I've read 19 books this year already! Two of them were for work, … Continue reading Year of reading from home: January and February

Year of reading from home: December update

A month has passed since I've started my little reading challenge of reading as much as possible from home. It's been a good month reading wise and I'm actually even more enthusiastic about this challenge now. I've picked up 13 books and I DNFed 3 of them. Not finishing the books doesn't bother me as … Continue reading Year of reading from home: December update

Let the reading begin!

Here we are, 1st of December, on the first day of my year of reading from home challenge. I'm actually positively excited about it. The chance to read the books I wanted to read for a while now, finally getting to them and making the piles smaller each month. To make sure I don't get … Continue reading Let the reading begin!

A year of reading from home

I have 142 unread books at home and a feeling that those piles are not getting any smaller. I guess I'm right as last time I checked I had 121 unread books at home. I wasn't buying that much this year and I've read some from the piles, so how did this happen? I blame … Continue reading A year of reading from home

Buy me a coffee (or a book actually)

I broke my e-reader last night. I fell asleep as I was reading and I was woken up by the e-reader hitting the floor. At this time I thought it was fine, but this morning it turned out it wasn't. I can't buy a new one at the moment, because not earning any money means … Continue reading Buy me a coffee (or a book actually)

I Am an Island by Tamsin Calidas

This book was very hard to read. It made me sad and angry, it broke my heart so many times it's impossible to count, and I still loved it. It's difficult to write about this book. It should be covered in trigger warnings. There's everything in it, every possible horrible thing that can happen in … Continue reading I Am an Island by Tamsin Calidas

Reconnecting with my reading

Last few days were quite bad reading wise. I felt restless and every time I sat down to read, I thought about something to do. I need to do some weeding, or a washing, or something else was there that had to be done right this moment. Today I realised that it came from having … Continue reading Reconnecting with my reading